From Calabria , ancient earth of the Brutii.

terra miaThe group "The Calabruzi", born at the beginnings of the eighties, has got in the name its programme: it wants to be, in fact, an ideal bridge between the today's Calabrians and the Calabrians of the past: the ancient "Brutii." The group, magistrally directed by Pino Renda (international prize "The Gold Pine" in 1990 for the folklore), is composed of about 25 elements of both the sexes and it proposes songs and characteristic dances of the popular tradition of Lamezia Terme, a town situated in the middle of the region Calabria, born in 1968 by the unification of the Communes of Nicastro, Sambiase and Sant'Eufemia Lamezia.

Of particular historical importance is the Norman Castle; besides, the Thermal Baths in Caronte have a touristic interest, already known at the time of the Romans: the famous "aquae angae".

The geographical position is beautiful with the mountains of the pre-Sila behind and the clear Tyrrhenian Sea in front of them.

Lamezia Terme is also an important railway and road junction, and an international airport too.

The Calabruzi propose songs and dances in their coloured traditional costume. The songs, performed in polyphony, often propose the theme of the falling in love and the marriage, for example "Iu stasira me fazzu zita" ("This evening I get engaged) "I mariti" or, accompanied by an accurate scenery, they make to relive scenes of the past such as the killing of the pig in "U lamiantu 'du puarcu" or scenes set by the sea in "Arburu chi criscisti 'mpacci a mari" or they extol the natural beauty of Calabria and the traditional costumes in "Sirinata alla pacchiana" "Sirinata alla Calabria""Calabria bella" and the goodness of the local agricultural products in "L'uvicella" and "U vinuzzu."

Other songs deal with the nostalgic theme of the separation from the native land " Calabria mia" "Terra mia" "Paisi" and the remembrance of the country festivals in "Festa"

The musical repertoire is really original because almost all the songs are been written and composed by the music-master Pino Renda.

The dances, accompanied by the frenzied rhythm of the "Tarantella", propose scenes of the rural life, often made to thank for the good harvest such as "A mietitura" and "A vindigna".

The musical accompaniment is guaranteed by traditional tools: mouth-organ, accordion, guitar, and tambourines.

The group has taken part in many folkloric manifestations in Italy and in foreign countries (such as Belgium , France , Germany , Holland , Switzerland ; Luxemburg , Australia , Argentina and Canada )

Television Participation: Rai 1 "Carramba che sorpresa" presented by Raffaella Carrà.

  • "The husbands"
  • "The pig's lament"
  • "The tree which grow up in front of the sea"
  • "Serenade to the <<pacchiana>>"
  • "Serenade to Calabria "
  • "Beautiful Calabria"
  • "The grapes"
  • "The wine"
  • "My Calabria"
  • " My land"
  • "Small town"
  • "Festival"
  • "The reaping"
  • " The grape harvest"
  • "Carramba, what a surprise!"